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Chiara Olivia was co-founded by two sisters who in the past had little to do with the fashion industry, but one day got inmersed into the footwear world, and were so fascinated and passionate that they decided to start this new challenge.

We are now a team of women who share the same passion for fashion and who love and deeply enjoy what we do. We are commited to delivering high quality shoes and bags, and an outstanding customer experience. 

♡ We believe that objects that are made with love, affection, care and good materials, bring those qualities with themselves wherever they go. We mean by this, that the right shoe can make everything different.
♡ We believe in the power of craftsmanship, style and good vibes, and that a good shoe must be comfortable, made with high quality materials and must have details that make it special.
♡ We believe that the focus should be put on taking care of the details, these being about design and style, comfort and quality. A shoe that is well made not only contributes to our well-being, but has the power to make our days much more beautiful and happy.

From the bottom of our hearts, we hope you enjoy this new path that we are starting together, and we will be forever grateful for allowing us to make our dream a reality.